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Plywood                   Laminated wood plastics

About us

Joined Stock Company "FANPLAST"
Plywood  mill

JSC Fanplast started plywood production since 1880. In the past it was widely known under the name of F.J.Shtudera's wood mill. Later it was named after D.N.Avrov. At that time it worked on the basis of the Central Scientific Research Institute of plywood (CNIIF). Since 50th years - 8 in EXPORTLES system.
Fanplast, first mill in the country, has started plywood production on synthetic glues. Together with CNIIF cold prepress, gas dryers, rotary scissors were inserted here.

Since 1993 - Joint stock company Fanplast.
Now, annual volume of plywood production is 3000 cubic meters. Up to 60 % of total amount exported. Fanplast employ 120 persons. 

The basic spheres of activity of the mill are non-standard plywood and panels, thickness could vary from 3 up to 40 mm., different non-standard ways of assembling of plywood and plywood panels. The mill produce plywood, plywood panels, birch veneer, joiner's products.
There are many building, furniture, aviation enterprises and stores among the customers of Fanplast (in Russia, and abroad). With many customers business lasts within long years.

Production of our plywood factory is ecological, quality meets with export standarts and corresponds with Е-1 quality.

Payment in advance - 100%.
Delivery terms FCA - Saint-Petersburg.


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