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Laminated wood plastics are made from sheets of veneer birch veneer impregnated with bakelite varnish, compressed at high temperature and pressure. Other countries use the veneer of beech.

Particleboard is made of two types: solid, glued together from whole length of veneers, composite, glued together from several sheetsx of veneer in length, packed lap or butt joint.

Wood laminates have rare physical and mechanical properties, and successfully compete with ferrous and nonferrous metals: bronze, cast iron and aluminum.

High performance allow you to use this material in various industries: friction properties chipboard, resistance to corrosion and abrasion, caused its widespread use in friction. Particularly well established as a material for particleboard manufacture gears, enclosed and metal-polymer bearings gears and bearings. In the drivers of the textile, metallurgical and mining equipment, agricultural equipment, previously widely used in the defense industry, suitable for the manufacture of bulletproof doors, as an alternative to the armor, etc.

The ability to maintain their performance under the influence of low temperatures (-270 C) - the ability to use parts made of chipboard products cryogenic and space applications.

Resistance to water allows for CPD in the shipbuilding industry as a material for the manufacture of propeller shaft stern tube bearings. DSP used in the gate of hydraulic structures. An example of this is the Bratsk hydroelectric plant and a number of other dams, as we do, as well as abroad.

High physical and mechanical strength properties and DSP allow its use as a structural material in aircraft (blade propeller helicopter) transport machinery (floor floor buses, trolley buses, subway escalator rails) construction (double gates repositories).

The dielectric properties of particleboard caused its use in the electrical industry for the manufacture of insulators, transformers, high-voltage components, rectifiers. In this area, chipboard competes with more expensive composite materials such as fiberglass, and PCB getinaks.